"My engagement ring was made here and is beautiful. We wanted palladium before it was widely available and provided our own certified diamond.

The jeweller was very helpful and has given us advice on wedding rings since.

Definitely my go-to jewellers."

"Excellent service, great craftsmanship, my in-laws travel all the way from Cambridge to get jewellery fixed or re-modelled here."

"The best jewellery shop for miles."

"Excellent service. Repaired my ring beautifully. Highly recommended."

"I had my precious wedding,engagement, eternity rings cleaned and as they are white gold also re rhodiumed. Oh my goodness they are so sparkly and look so much better than they ever have, even when new!

Thank you Simon for making my special rings better than I ever dreamed! Very quick service too, a few days when I expected to wait longer. If you have white gold jewellery that has lost its lustre then I would recommend seeing if they can be cleaned, polished and reloved. 10 out of 10 from a very happy lady."